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Whether you're buying a house, getting married, having a baby or just looking for some financial certainty, we can help you take charge of your insurance. Getting a quote and applying has never been easier.

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Get a quote personalised to your needs by one of our expert advisers. By understanding your circumstances, they'll provide you a quote so you're covered for only what you need.

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Find out how the adviser process works.

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Organise your cover online in under 15 minutes. The process is entirely online, so there’s no need to speak to anyone (unless you want to).

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Got questions?

What are the benefits of using an adviser versus doing it online?

If you need advice on the different insurance options available, and which are best suited to your circumstances, speaking to an adviser will give you everything you need. They also provide an ongoing relationship, and can support you if you need further information or to make a claim in the future. Find out how the adviser process works.

If you know what type of insurance you need, and want to organise it quickly without speaking to anyone, online allows you to complete an application in less than 15 minutes.

How long does it take to get covered?

Applying online should take no longer than 15 minutes. As applying through an adviser is far more tailored to your needs, the time depends on the information required and the complexity of your circumstances.

What if I already have an adviser?

If your insurance is covered by a Sovereign adviser, or one of Sovereign’s partners, just contact us and we can put you in touch with your adviser. Phone us on 0800 500 105.

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