Life stage – taking good care


You've built up a good life and want to do more of the things that you enjoy, but as you get older, you want to make sure you're prepared for any major health bills that could arise, and to safeguard your retirement plans.

Marion and Rob fall into this category – perhaps you do too. Here’s their story:


Fact file
Age Both late 50s
Marital status Married for 26 years
Occupations Part-time PA/Electrician
Household income $135,000
Mortgage​ $80,000
Dependants​ None: two adult children
Goal​ Do not want to be a burden on their kids

Marion and Rob have been married for 26 years and live a contented life in the suburbs with Jasper the cat. Their children are now grown up with kids of their own.

The couple plan to continue working for a few years yet, but have cut back on their hours to give them a little more time to themselves and to do the things they enjoy. They still have a modest mortgage to pay off and they’ll need sufficient retirement savings to continue their current lifestyle. Life is sweet for now, but if either of them became ill and was unable to work, their long-term plans could suffer a major setback. So having the right insurance is essential.

Marion and Rob have had health insurance for many years. Getting the policy early was a great idea, because they were fit and well with no pre-existing conditions. They’ve had a few minor claims – enough to make the cover worthwhile. And if ever they need major hospital treatment, they can act quickly and avoid public waiting lists.
With Specialist and Diagnostic Testing cover they also have the freedom to select the best specialist available. This cover also provides access to Best Doctors, and a second opinion from leading specialists on treatment and diagnosis.

They also decided to take out critical illness cover, with a sum assured for each of $100,000. If either experiences a covered condition – such as cancer, stroke or heart attack – and survives, they’ll receive a lump sum to clear the mortgage and cover living expenses.

Meanwhile, Mortgage and Income Protection insurance will ensure that that their home loan repayments are taken care of.

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