Life stage – building towards a goal


You're building a promising career, you may have already found that special someone − and you’re looking to buy a house. Having fun with your friends is still important to you but your priorities are changing, and you're keen to start growing your assets.

​Tsun and Toni fall into this category – perhaps you do too. Here’s their story:

Fact file
Age Both 27
Marital status Married for three years
Occupation Both work full-time in banking industry
Household income​ Joint income of $115,000​
Mortgage​ Looking for home loan of $300,000​
Dependants​ Not yet​
Goal To build a future in New Zealand, and to build and protect their assets

Tsun and Toni moved to New Zealand with their families eight years ago. They went to university, secured good jobs, fell in love, and got married. After saving hard for three long years, and with a little help from Toni’s parents, they finally have enough money for a deposit on an apartment (with a garage for Tsun’s beloved car).

Life has been kind to this couple since they moved to New Zealand. They love their Kiwi lifestyle and want to make sure it continues. Like most young couples, they are keen to get ahead. They want to get on the property ladder sooner rather than later, but at the same time they worry endlessly about money being tight. Also, they’d like to start a family before they are 32. For the foreseeable future, they need two incomes, just to keep them afloat and meet their monthly outgoings.

After a visit to a financial adviser, Tsun and Toni now fully appreciate the value of having a financial safety net in place. They recognise that it’s wise to have some life insurance to cover their mortgage when they purchase their first home. A joint life insurance policy, with a sum assured of $300,000, could pay the mortgage if either one of them died.

For people with hefty mortgage repayments, income protection policies are also becoming increasingly popular. Toni and Tsun have opted for the benefits provided by an income protection policy. If one of them isn’t able to work, due to an accident or illness, the loss of income would completely change the lifestyle they have worked so hard to achieve.

For complete peace of mind, Tsun and Toni plan to take out a health insurance policy, when they start a family.

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