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​Some of Sovereign’s closed traditional life insurance policies which have a cash value allow you to borrow against that cash value after an initial qualifying period (“Policy Loan”).  A Policy Loan is an alternative to surrendering the product, and can allow you to preserve the benefits of your policy.  Your policy provides security for repayment of the Policy Loan, including accrued interest and policy arrears which will be added to your loan balance.  Please note that if at any time your loan balance exceeds the cash value of your policy, your policy will be cancelled (which means that you would also lose any life cover or other benefits of the policy).  If you wish to take out a Policy Loan, you can enter into a Mortgage of Life Policy  agreement with Sovereign.  To read the Mortgage of Life Policy terms and conditions, click here.


Policy Loans attract an interest rate. The current interest rate is 6% per annum, which is compounded monthly and charged against loans, premium arrears and accrued interest on a traditional policy. The Mortgage of Life Policy schedule will display the interest rate applicable at the time the Policy Loan is taken out (the interest rate is subject to change).

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