Life Insurance


It's important to make the most of life, but we understand that things may not always go to plan. Life insurance can help your loved ones survive financially should the worst happen, making all the difference at a time when support can be at its most needed.

It's peace of mind that your family can pay the monthly bills or mortgage repayments without your salary. Or that your business can survive without your expertise.

Everyone's circumstances are different, so Sovereign has life insurance options designed to best meet your needs.

What is life insurance?

Watch our team break it down and keep it simple

Find the life insurance option that's right for you

For comprehensive cover, you can either apply online through one of our trusted distributors or through your own insurance advisor. These are fully underwritten, meaning your policy is tailored for your lifestyle, taking into account your health and occupation so you know exactly what is covered.

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What you get from comprehensive cover

  • Fully underwritten which means
    it's tailored for your personal circumstances
  • Online process
    (Adviser available on request)
  • Life: Up to $1 to 2 million(varies) to
    help protect against the unexpected
  • You can apply if you're aged 16-70

Payment options

  • Lump sum:
    One lump sum payment
  • Family protection:
    A monthly payment to your family, rather than a lump sum
  • Accidental death:
    A lower cost option that pays a lump sum only if death is a result of an accident
  • Terminal illness:
    Payment in advance to make the most of the time you have left, should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness

Optional benefits

  • Accidental Injury Cover:
    Short-term financial support, helping you continue daily life while recovering from an accidental injury. - Read more
  • Specialist & diagnostic testing:
    We pay up to $5,000 per year for specialist consultations (eg oncologist) and diagnostic procedures (eg MRI)

    Includes eligibility for Best Doctors® - Read more

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