Life and disability insurance


The most important things in your life are your family, your lifestyle and your future. This is what life, trauma and disability insurance is there to protect.

Do you have a plan to take care of your family and loved ones should something happen to you? Who in your life depends on your income? How would you support yourself if you can’t work for a long period of time?

Life and disability insurance is about looking after yourself and those who depend on your income. It helps provide you and your loved ones with financial flexibility to get through a difficult time.


Sovereign life and disability insurance

Ongoing product enhancements and updates

We regularly review our TotalCareMax products to ensure that they continue to meet your changing needs. As a new or existing Sovereign customer, you automatically benefit from all enhancements we make, and have access to any new products.

You can find out about the latest enhancements by viewing the pages above for each product, viewing our most recent enhancements here, or speaking with your insurance adviser.


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