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The latest Sovereign investment performance information is available below, as well as a list of closed and terminated investment products.

Investment performance

Fund performance information for closed Sovereign products.

Weekly fund prices (PDF)

Month end performance (PDF)


Closed and terminated investment products

Closed products

The following investment products are closed to new investors. While existing investors/members can continue to contribute to these products, they are now closed to increases and lump-sum payments.

For enquiries relating to these products please call us on 0800 500 108, or by e-mail to

List of closed products
Business Insurance Program/Savings & Protection Plan
Complete Investor Plan
Financial Independence Plan (Life)
Investor Bonds
Investor Plus
MLC Unit Linked (Sail-In) Fund
Personal Superannuation Plan
Sovereign Investment Bond (SIB)
CashBuilder and AssetBuilder
Design Life
Tui (Locked-In and Retirement Fund)
Superplan 360
Classic Plan​
Whole of Life​


Terminated products

Sovereign has terminated a number of superannuation schemes and unit trusts over the last 10 years.

We have been able to successfully contact most members in these schemes and pay out  entitled funds. In cases where we were unable to contact the individual members, the funds were subsequently transferred to either Inland Revenue's Unclaimed Money Service, or to the Government Treasury office (for unclaimed superannuation monies).

For enquiries relating to the following terminated products please contact Sovereign on 0800 500 108, or by e-mail to

List of terminated products
AssetArchitect Retirement Plan
TUI Plan Accessible Trust
Metropolitan Super Bond
Metropolitan Super Fund
Financial Independence Plan (Super)
Vision Investments Fund
Landmark Super Retirement Plan
PruPac Superannuation
Flagship Superannuation
General Accident Personal Super Plan
General Accident Linked Life Insurance
AssetArchitect InvestmentPlan
Select Employer Retirement Plan
Spectrum Plus Unit Trusts​
Sovereign Retirement Lifestyle Series​
Sovereign Unit Trusts
Complete Investor Plan (Super)
Prudential Retirement Funds 5, 6 and 7

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