Using your Go Home Loan Card


To use your Go Floating Rate Home Loan account for everyday banking, you’ll need a Go Card. It’s your key to anytime account access at ATMs and easy purchasing with EFTPOS.  Your Go Card can also be used to check on a Go Fixed Rate Home Loan.

​How to register for your Go Card

  1. Call us on 0800 003 761 (+64 9 487 7028) 8.00am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Have your Go Floating Rate Loan account number to hand.
  2. Your identity will be confirmed.
  3. We will confirm the name to appear on your Go Card.
  4. You will be allocated a control number.
  5. Write down the control number.
  6. Hang up, then call 0800 373 272 (if calling from overseas dial +64 9 306 3116 – toll charges will apply).
  7. Enter your control number.
  8. You will be asked to enter a four-digit Go Card PIN. Press '#' then re-enter to confirm. Do not write down or otherwise record your Go Card PIN.
  9.  Your card will be posted to you within 24 hours and should arrive within three to five working days when posted to your NZ address.

Where and how you can use your Go Card

  • Withdraw cash via ATMs and EFTPOS in New Zealand.
  • Make EFTPOS purchases in New Zealand.
  • Check the balance of your Go Home Loan accounts at an ATM.
  • Transfer funds between your Go Floating Rate accounts at an ATM.
  • Obtain a mini-statement for any Go Home Loan account at an ASB ATM.
  • Deposit cash or cheques at ATMs located in ASB branch lobbies.
  • Withdraw cash around the world wherever the PLUS logo is displayed* and at any ATM of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

*Withdrawals made outside New Zealand using your Go Card through the PLUS network are charged an overseas ATM fee and Offshore Service Margins and daily limits may differ from those in New Zealand. See the Go Home Loan Fees and Limits Guide for further details.

Things you should know about your Go Card

  • Branch services: You may perform over-the-counter withdrawals, deposits and foreign exchange at any ASB branch. This service could be handy if you need to withdraw more cash than your daily limit or if you need a bank cheque. Fees apply.
  • Changing your PIN: If you want to change your PIN, a replacement card will need to be issued.
  • Transaction limits: For information about transaction limits, please refer to the Fees and Limits section.
  • Terms and conditions: The use of your Go Card is subject to Go Home Loan account terms and conditions.

Lost or stolen card: Please notify us immediately if your Go Card is lost or stolen; if you think someone else has used your Go Card; or if you think someone else may know your Go Card PIN. Call our Customer Care team on 0800 500 174.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is of a general nature and is intended as a guide only, outlining some of the features and benefits provided by Sovereign's Go Home Loans. All home loans are subject to our home loan lending criteria. Early repayment adjustments may apply.  For loans with less than 20% equity a Low Equity Margin may apply. The lender is ASB Bank Limited via its nominee Mortgage Holding Trust Company Limited. The transactional account for Sovereign’s Go Home Loans is provided by ASB Bank Limited.

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