Why Sovereign for health insurance


​Unique cover and real rewards

We want to help all New Zealanders enjoy the benefits of better health, so we’ve designed our insurance to help you get healthier and stay that way.

We’ve even introduced a programme for our health insurance customers that can reward you for getting more exercise and eating better. That means up to $100 cash back every year, exclusive gym and retail discounts, and more – all with Healthy by Sovereign.

Why choose Sovereign?

  1. We keep it simple
    Rather than confuse you with lots of different policies, we have two comprehensive health insurance plans that give you the range of benefits you’d expect.

    Our Healthcare Partnership Programme can help to make the claims process simple and accessible, right when you need it most. Your provider does all the hard work, and you get the help you need.
  2. We let you choose
    Some health insurers only allow you to go to the medical providers they choose, whereas we let you make your own decisions about where you go and who you speak to. After all, it’s your body.
  3. Healthy by Sovereign
    The first health programme that rewards your everyday health choices. Healthy by Sovereign gives you real rewards, like up to $100 cash back on your policy each year and exclusive discounts on gym memberships, as well as savings from some of New Zealand's best loved brands.

    All this just for doing things you already do every day; like walking the dog, going to the gym or shopping at the supermarket. The more you do, the more rewards you get.
  4. ACC advocacy
    If you’ve had a claim declined by ACC, our ACC Advocacy service can work on your behalf to get the best outcome for you. Here’s just one example of how we’ve been there for our customers.

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