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Healthy by Sovereign rewards

Healthy by Sovereign rewards you for moving more, eating well and taking care of yourself.

If you're a Sovereign Health Insurance customer, you can join Healthy by Sovereign for free. As a member, you'll enjoy some amazing rewards in return for your healthy choices, like up to $100 cash back on your policy each year and exclusive discounts on gym memberships, as well as savings from some of New Zealand's best loved brands.

With Healthy by Sovereign, you don't have to make big changes. Simply by exercising, eating better and taking care of yourself, you'll earn Healthy Points.

There are lots of easy ways to earn Healthy Points on things you do every day. The more you do, the healthier you'll feel - and the bigger your rewards.

  • How can an ordinary day earn you points and rewards? Watch to find out:


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Find out how little it could cost by getting a quote and talking to an Adviser or applying online. Just remember to join Healthy by Sovereign once you have a policy!

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