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​​Two plans to choose from

To keep things easy and simple, we offer two great plans to meet your health cover needs. Both give you the reassurance that you and your family can get the care you need, when you need it.

  1. Private Health Cover
    Our standard health insurance plan takes care of the costs of private hospital care and surgery, cancer care and supporting diagnostic imaging and tests.
  2. Private Health Plus
    Private Health Plus adds additional access to specialist consultations and cover for diagnostic imaging and testing, as well as loyalty benefits for routine screening to keep you healthy.

Both Private Health plans come with these special benefits

  1. We cover cancer
    Our plans support you through cancer diagnosis and treatment. You’re covered not just for any required surgery and hospitalisation, but also for chemotherapy alternatives whether or not they are funded by Pharmac. To help in your recovery, we also have allowances for support services, therapies or personal items.
  2. We cover treatment overseas
    Flexible overseas treatment options are available. You’ll receive the full benefits of your plan if you prefer to receive treatment overseas.

    If you have to wait longer than six months to receive private treatment in New Zealand, you may be eligible for treatment overseas. If the required treatment cannot be performed in New Zealand we offer an overseas treatment benefit of up to $30,000 per year.
  3. We pay if you go public
    If you decide to use the public system for treatment that’s covered under your Private Health policy, we will credit your annual premium (provided the treatment requires at least a two night stay in hospital).
  4. Ongoing enhancements
    We are continually making enhancements to our Health Insurance products, meaning you'll often benefit from these improvements without having to re-apply for cover. Read more about the latest Health Insurance enhancements.


Take a look at our plans side by side below. If you have cover under Private Health Plus, you'll have available the following additional benefits (highlighted in bold).


Benefit * Private Health Cover Private Health Plus
Surgery (including related specialist consultations, imaging and tests) Unlimited
Cancer care $300,000 per year
Minor surgery (including excision and biopsies of lesions, moles and cysts) $500 per treatment up to $1,000 per year
​Medical hospitalisation ​ ​$300,000 per year

​Overseas treatment:

a) Treatment overseas where the treatment isn't available in New Zealand

(b) Voluntary treatment in Australia

(c) Voluntary treatment beyond Australia


(a) $30,000 per policy year​

(b) Up to 100% of the reasonable charges payable in New Zealand. Applicable benefit maximums apply

(c) Up to 75% of the reasonable charges payable in New Zealand. Applicable maximums apply

​Additional specialist consultation referred by a registered medical practitioner ​No cover $10,000 per year​
​Additional diagnostic imaging and tests referred by a registered medical practitioner or a registered medical specialist ​No cover $100,000 per year
​Pregnancy, maternity and infertility allowance ​No cover $750 per year after three years​
​Health screening allowance ​No cover $500 every three years, after three years​
*For a full list of benefits for each product please refer to the policy wording

If you have an Absolute Health or MajorCare policy with us, you can find more information here.


Our plans work together for you

Sovereign Private Health plans are designed to work hand in hand with our Life and Disability cover. One can take care of you if you need private care, while the other can look after your family if you’re unable to work or they have to face life without you.


Download Private Health customer guide

Download Private Health customer guide (Chinese)

Download Private Health policy document

Download Private Health Optional Waiver of Premiums

Download Private Health Overseas Treatment Options



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