Contact a business insurance Adviser


If you’re looking for help or information on which type of workplace insurance would work best for you, our team of workplace business development managers is here to help.

Experience and understanding

With many years' experience developing and implementing workplace insurance schemes, our workplace team is here to answer all of your workplace scheme questions. They can also introduce you to an external Adviser who can help develop and select the right workplace scheme for you.

Simply call us on 0800 768 867 (9am – 5pm) − we are here to help you take charge.

Arrange a quote

Use our simple three-step quoting system.

1. Consider how much you would like to spend:

  • The most inexpensive cover could simply be a benefit of 1 x annual salary Life Cover
  • A more comprehensive cover could be a benefit of 3 x annual salary Life Cover with Total Permanent Disablement cover.

2. Provide details of the employees you want to include in your plan. We need:

  • Name or other identifier (such as employee number)
  • Gender
  • Salary (if benefits are salary related)
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation
  • Country of residence

If you need help with this stage, your Sovereign Adviser can assist. We appreciate that employee information is confidential and have a number of safeguards in place to ensure security. Please do not send us any information that identifies an employee without their prior written consent.

3. Have a confidential discussion with your Sovereign Adviser who will discuss your options and provide an accurate quotation.

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