Rural Continuity and Farm Insurance

If your health were to suffer a setback, your farm or sharemilking business doesn’t have to.  It’s best to take charge and be prepared for the unexpected. 

Keep your farm running​

When illness or an accident leaves you unable to work, Rural Continuity farm insurance can protect you from the financial consequences, helping to keep your farm running and in good shape for the next generation.

How it works

Rural Continuity farm insurance provides a monthly payment to secure the future of your farm or sharemilking business (you must own, part-own or lease the farm or the herd) should you become disabled as a result of an accident or ill health, and be unable to work more than 10 hours a week.

It’s designed to meet the needs of farmers and their partners who also work on the farm, as well as sharemilkers.

Because your farm has variable cash flows, we require only minimal proof of financial income. And we've kept the application process simple so you are not tied up in paperwork.

Rural Continuity is based on a simple ‘agreed value’ without ACC payments affecting your benefit. You choose the amount of cover you require: up to 35% of your farm or sharemilking turnover, to a maximum of $10,000 per month.

There are also a range of optional add-ons, including adding ACC offsets to manage affordability, partial disability income cover, a peak season benefit, and business income support; plus Specialist and Diagnostic Testing Benefit with Best Doctors.

Key recent enhancements

Total Disability Income Protection claims paid in advance
All Total Disability claims on eligible products will now be paid immediately following the end of the waiting period.

Increasing the recurrent disablement period from 6 to 12 months
If you suffer a relapse of your Total Disability within 12 months of your recovery, you will be able to return on claim without needing to serve the waiting period.

For further information about these and other enhancements, please contact your adviser or refer to the Life Cover customer guide or policy document.


Disclaimer: The availability of any insurance cover is subject to your application being approved. For full details, refer to the policy document which is available on request from Sovereign. Applications are subject to individual consideration. Special conditions, premiums, maximums and exclusions may apply.

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