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One of the most important things when falling ill is to feel confident about your diagnosis, and to get definitive advice about the treatment that’s best for you.

Imagine you have questions about a current health concern, or need a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment. You want answers and the peace of mind that your treatment path is the best possible for your condition.

Best Doctors’ offers you, your partner, your children and your parents remote access to over 53,000 leading medical specialists worldwide. They have all been nominated by their peers as top experts in their field, and are there to help you.


Fast advice & comprehensive assessments

Best Doctors® can also help identify top experts near you as well as give you unlimited access to extensive online resources and support.

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If you have a current Sovereign TotalCareMax policy which includes Specialist and Diagnostic Testing, you’re automatically eligible for Best Doctors®. Congratulations!

If you’re not yet a customer, you can find out more about Sovereign TotalCareMax policies and Specialist and Diagnostic Testing, or speak to an adviser today.

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