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Nobody likes to think about falling ill. But should this happen to you, we want you to feel confident about your diagnosis, and to get definitive advice about the treatment that’s right to you.

​Leading medical advice from around the world

Best Doctors’ worldwide network offers you, your partner and children, access to over 53,000 leading medical specialists. 1

This unique service offers three levels of personalised specialist medical advice. Whether you need a second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment, or have a simple medical question about a current health concern, leading medical specialists from New Zealand and around the world are there to help.

Check out this quick video for an overview of how the service works.

1. InterConsultation

If you want reassurance about a diagnosis or have questions about a treatment plan, a medical specialist will provide a recommendation to give you the confidence, clarity and more certainty that you are on the right treatment path.

  •  Firstly, a New Zealand-based GP gathers your complete medical history.
  •  If necessary, a retesting of pathology is carried out by the medical team at Best Doctors.
  •  A leading expert or multiple experts – depending on the complexity of the case – are selected to analyse your diagnosis and treatment plan and make recommendations.

These details are summarised in a written report and sent to you within 15-20 days of your medical records being received. You are then encouraged to share the report with your treating doctor.

If the review suggests an overseas treatment option and you and your treating doctors decide to pursue this treatment, FindBestCare can assist with the co-ordination and logistics of the treatment, including hospital admittance, booking a surgeon, flights, accommodation and a translator, at cost to the patient.

2. AskTheExpert

This service enables you to consult with world leading specialists on cases that do not require a full medical review.

  • You begin by discussing your case with a member of the Best Doctors medical team.
  • The team works with you to compile a list of key questions that are sent to a leading expert.  
  • A experts report, answering all of your questions is sent to you within 5-7 days.

3. DocOnline

If you need answers to simple medical questions or if you are unsure of a diagnosis, DocOnline can give you unlimited access to a panel of carefully selected local GP’s.

  • You submit your medical questions to a Best Doctors GP via the Best Doctors member portal.
  • A GP answers your questions and sends the response along with supporting information to your personal inbox within 48 hours.
  • A New Zealand based GP is available to answer any further questions that arise during this process.

Best Doctors Multimedia medical library

With Best Doctors, you also have unlimited access to a comprehensive online library of medical information, to help you find the answers you need. This multimedia library includes credible articles and information on hundreds of medical conditions, over 300 educational videos and a helpful blog.

To find this library, simply register and log in to the Best Doctors member portal www.askbestdoctors.com/nz.

Who is covered?

Access to Best Doctors is only available to customers who have a current Sovereign TotalCareMax or Absolute Health Specialist and Diagnostic Testing Benefit added to their policy. You can access Best Doctors regardless of whether your condition is covered by your policy, as long as your Specialist and Diagnostic Testing Benefit remains active.

Access to Best Doctors is only available to the customer, their partner (spouse, civil, or de facto) or any birth child or child under legal guardianship of the customer and/or the customer’s partner.

1. Best Doctors website 2014

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