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Being there in someone's time of need means the world if you've fallen ill. Best Doctors® continues to offer valuable services that truly help make the difference in members' lives - like those below.

“From the minute I was put in contact with Best Doctors®, I had a GP and several consultants overlooking my medical records and explaining things to me… I was so informed that I was calm and confident about what was happening… I am extremely grateful for your fantastic service.”


Correct diagnosis leads to a bright future

Following a cancer diagnosis, Evelyn called Best Doctors. They reviewed Evelyn’s medical records and arranged a meeting with a renowned pathologist. He studied slides of Evelyn’s cancer cells and established that what Evelyn’s doctors had thought was lung cancer was actually thyroid cancer.

With the correct diagnosis established, Best Doctors then engaged a nationally recognized expert in thyroid cancer to help Evelyn. Today her prognosis is bright and she is thrilled with the results.

“This whole Best Doctors experience has been amazing! We highly recommend Best Doctors to everyone! It is the best thing that ever happened to me.”


Solving the mystery of negative symptoms

Steve was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, but despite being on medication he found himself becoming weaker. Having contacted Best Doctors, Steve’s medical records were sent to a Professor of Neurology specialising in muscle disorders. He reviewed the case and immediately spotted that Steve was actually suffering from a very rare negative reaction to the medication.

Recommending that Steve immediately cease taking the drug and give his muscles up to 18 months to improve, the specialist was hopeful that there would be a full recovery.

“We genuinely believe had we not had the service of Best Doctors, Steve would still be taking a drug that was probably killing him.”.


Winning the race for healing a young girl

Yolanda suffered a knee injury after running into another classmate while practicing sports in school. She was seen by two local specialists but because her father had access to Best Doctors he asked them to review his daughter’s case. Best Doctors found a world-leading specialist in the US who reviewed Yolanda’s case and sent a report which answered all their questions.

While he agreed with the diagnosis, he did not agree with the proposed treatment. Instead recommending an aggressive rehabilitation programme to normalise Yolanda’s muscle balance, after 3 months Yolanda was once again competing with her local athletics team.

“The rehabilitation treatment program recommended by Best Doctors has been a success.”.


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