How does Best Doctors® work?


​From advice to support

A range of valuable benefits are available to Best Doctors® members, from face to face consultations to unlimited access to extensive online resources and support.

1. Access an Expert

Advice and guidance on any medical condition from a network of the world’s best medical minds. A leading expert will perform an in-depth review of your case to give you the confidence and certainty that you have the correct diagnosis and are on the right treatment path. You’re then encouraged to share their report with your treating doctor.

2. Find an Expert

Identify who has been nominated by their peers as a top expert in your nearest metropolitan area across a range of specialities. You can then arrange a face to face consultation with the confidence of knowing you’re in the right hands.

3. DocOnline

For answers to simple medical questions, DocOnline offers unlimited access to a panel of carefully selected local GPs. All you need do is submit your medical questions through the Best Doctors member portal, and a GP will answer your questions together with any supporting information within 48 hours.

4. Multimedia medical library

To help you find the answers you need, a medical encyclopaedia, symptom checker and hundreds of helpful videos are at your fingertips via the Best Doctors member portal. Simply register and log in to the portal at

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