Vision and Values


Sovereign is no ordinary insurance company. As a values-based organisation, we believe in putting people first. This not only means our customers, but also our staff and the community at large.

Our Vision and Purpose

Being the Difference in Life’s Moments of Truth
By providing certainty and giving choice

Our values

Integrity to build trust Collaborate to win together
Integrity is honesty that goes bone deep. And, because we’re a people business, for us and our customers, it really matters. Collaboration is the secret to achieving great things. It’s how we can inspire others, and others can inspire us.
Play to explore possibilities Drive to make it happen
Play is more than having fun; it’s how people connect and how being curious makes great ideas happen. Drive is a ‘fire in the belly’ kind of determination. Putting all the enthusiasm and energy we can muster into doing the hard yards and getting it done.
Wow to impress our customers
It takes something pretty special to get a ‘wow’ out of someone. So, to stand out from the crowd, we need to create a distinctly Sovereign wow-factor in everything we do.

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