Sovereign Staff Retirement Fund




Governing Documents

Trust Deed

Sovereign Staff Retirement Fund (the Scheme) is governed by a trust deed effective 29 November 2016.

You can view a copy of the trust deed here.


Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives

The Scheme has a statement of investment policy and objectives (a SIPO) which describes how the Scheme’s investments are managed and how the performance of the Scheme’s investments are measured and monitored.

You can view a copy of the current SIPO here.


Annual Fund Updates

The annual fund updates provide key information about the investment funds available in the Scheme. They tell you how each fund performed and what fees are charged, and it will help you compare them with other funds.

The annual updates for the current year ending 31 March 2017 are available below.

Annual Fund Update template (Balanced) March 2017

Annual Fund Update template (Cash) March 2017

Annual Fund Update template (Conservative) March 2017

Annual Fund Update template (Growth) March 2017


Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Scheme, please contact the Scheme’s administration manager:

Melville Jessup Weaver
Telephone: 0800 728 370
Postal Address: PO Box 11330, Wellington 6142

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