Social innovation with Youthline charity


Finding new ways to provide value to our customers, stakeholders and community is core to Sovereign’s vision of being the difference in life’s moments of truth.

How Sovereign is represented in the community is due in large part to what our employees deliver through Sovereign’s volunteering and community programme.

When Youthline recently approached us to see if we could help them attract more volunteers to their South Auckland youth centre we decided to test a new approach to providing support – social innovation.


Collaboration is vital in helping to solve challenges.

Partnering with social design facilitators Lifehack, Youthline youth workers and volunteers, and representatives of the South Auckland community we spent two days developing  and prototyping concepts  to help Youthline South Auckland get more volunteers. The importance of building trust and awareness at the start of the workshop was essential to such a diverse group working well together.

Creating a buzz in the Youthline centre, cherishing volunteers and building pathways to volunteering became our primary focus.

Watch this clip to understand how and why our people became involved, or read our Social Innovation Evaluation Report.



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