Community news & events


Community news & events

Our team are continually involved with a range of initiatives and activities, from community partnerships to staff volunteer days and much more. This is the place to explore some of the great work being done and find out about coming events.

Supporting young New Zealanders with Youthline

09 June 2017

Sovereign is proud to support the work of Youthline, who assisted more than 40,000 young people last year alone.

At any given time they are working with up to 30 people at immediate risk of suicide. Young people are our future and that’s why we're lucky to have Youthline on the frontline providing counselling, support, guidance, education and mentoring across the country.

To find out more about Youthline, and how Sovereign is taking an active role within our communities, watch our video.

Sovereign Tri Series CEO Challenge Prize Money Well Spent

14 October 2016

The opportunity to win $25,000 for the charity of their choice was the driver for Imake a Difference entering the Sovereign Tri Series CEO Challenge.

Imake a Difference is a charitable trust established in 2013, who uniquely send all donations directly to the organisations they support in Africa, not through middle men. By encouraging 38% of their staff to enter, Imake a Difference won the $25,000 to donate to the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa.

Rhinos in South Africa are under serious threat from poaching and face the prospect of extinction. In response to this issue, Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage was created as a world class care facility constructed to address the physical needs of orphaned rhino plus nurture them mentally and emotionally to ensure that they are fully rehabilitated back into the wild. To find out more visit

Sovereign sweeps up two White Camellia Awards

20 September 2016

To mark Suffrage Day, last night the White Camellia Awards were held to showcase gender equality in the workplace and celebrate organisations that are taking positive steps to ensure our workplaces are fair and equal. We are very proud to say that Sovereign received two awards.

These included an award for our work to implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices, (specifically recognising our efforts in updating Sovereign forms with gender X and the Mx salutation) and an award for our work to measure and publicly report on our progress to achieve gender equality through the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles.

Helping Youthline in South Auckland

12 August 2016

When Youthline recently approached us to see if we could help them attract more volunteers to their South Auckland youth centre we decided to test a new approach to providing support – social innovation.

Read more on the Social Innovation page or view photos in the Photo Gallery.

Volunteer Superstar: Maia Hema

05 August 2016

"You have to be able to take care of yourself to take care of others." For Maia Hema (Customer Service Consultant-ART) this was the unexpected key learning after completing the Youthline 8-week Personal Development course at Youthline Albany.

Maia decided to attend the course to develop her people skills and self-awareness. A key attraction of the staged nature of the Youthline volunteer programme has been the range of people that Maia has met. Beyond the learning outcomes, Maia built a group of new friends through the Youthline experience.

Youth Week

15 July 2016

New Zealand’s future is it’s young people. Youth Week at Sovereign is the opportunity for our people to discuss youth issues, raise funds for Youthline, provide mentoring services via the Graeme Dingle Foundation, and to reflect on people who made a difference when they were growing up. By creating opportunities for our young people to flourish, we can make New Zealand a better place for future generations.

Sovereign awarded 2015 White Camellia Award

25 September 2015

Our commitment to the professional development of women in the workplace has been recognised at the 2015 White Camellia Awards, which celebrates New Zealand organisations who implement the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles. Read more >

Work Life Balance award

27 August 2015

Our award for Work Life Balance at the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust (EEO Trust) reflect that people are our most valuable asset. Read more >

First in New Zealand to get Rainbow Tick

19 August 2015

We're proud to be the first insurance company in New Zealand to receive the Rainbow Tick in recognition of our successful diversity and inclusion programme, which includes a focus on sexual and gender diversity. Read more >

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