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Four essentials

“If there is one thing that health and wellbeing experts all agree on, it’s the four things we need to have a balanced and healthy life: exercise, eating well, sleep and happiness,”

Sovereign Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Mayhew

Here Dr. John Mayhew offers some insight into the four essentials of healthy living:


“Exercise is a vital part of a balanced healthy lifestyle and there are a range of associated health benefits. Generally we say 30 minutes of physical activity each day is a good goal to keep healthy. If you have more specific goals in mind such as losing weight or training for a particular event, it is likely you’ll need to exercise more. If you haven’t exercised for a while, or have any health problems, you really need to check with your GP before starting a new exercise programme."

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Eating well

"There’s a great deal of commentary around nutrition and what constitutes ‘good’ nutrition. Basically, a good first step is to really look what is going into our bodies – making sure it is low in sugar, salt and preservatives and bad fats (such as trans-fats). Read the packaging – or better still, avoid the packaging and go for fresh and clean food. Packaged and processed foods mostly all contain incredibly high levels of sugar, salt and preservatives, all of which place our bodies under a great deal of stress."

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"There are several things you can do to improve your chances of restful slumber: Go to bed at the same time; Leave devices, TV, phones, work, bright screens out of your bedroom; Have a nice pre-bed ritual, warm bath, relaxing tea, book reading; Limit stimulants – especially close to bedtime, coffee, black tea; exercise – not to close to bedtime; Limit alcohol; have a snack contain tryptophan."

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"There are documented medical links between happiness and good health. Happier people live longer and experience less heart disease, colds, high blood pressure and other serious illnesses." "Sovereign are committed to raising awareness across New Zealand through the Wellbeing Index, Mood Map and alignment with Mental Health Foundation. We must encourage people to talk about mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress"

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