Life and disability insurance

While it’s hard to think about, the reality is some of us will die unexpectedly, or suffer an accident or illness that could leave us unable to work, possibly for good. And that can have a major impact on many lives, not just our own.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Do you have a plan to take care of your family and loved ones should something happen to you? Who in your life depends on your income? Would they be properly provided for, if you were unable to do so?

Accidents, and serious illness can happen at any time, requiring major changes in family life. That's where life insurance and disability insurance come in. 

Did you know?

  • In New Zealand, there is one death every 16 minutes. 1
  • Of adults with a disability, for 42%, it was caused by disease or illness. 2
  • Every day about 24 New Zealanders have a stroke. A quarter occur in people under 65. 3

Sovereign life and disability insurance products 

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  2. 2013 Disability Survey, Statistics New Zealand
  3. The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand, 2014  

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