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Sovereign’s Select Wealth Management is a ‘wrap account’ that makes sophisticated investing easy.

Important please read

Sovereign’s Select Wealth Management service (Select) is being transitioned to JMIS Limited (JMIS), the independent investment consultant to the service.  This means that from 3 August 2015, all new applications must be for the new Select Wealth managed service. No new Sovereign Select applications will be accepted from 3 August 2015. If you do want to make a new application after this date, please speak to your financial Adviser.

The new Select service will be managed by Select Wealth Management Limited (Select Wealth), a company established by JMIS. JMIS has been the independent investment consultant for Select since the service was launched in 1998. JMIS originated in 1989 as Jarden Morgan Investment Services and comprises five investment specialists, with over 75 years’ combined experience in investment management. JMIS specialises in giving advice to institutions, superannuation funds, charitable trusts and high net worth individuals throughout New Zealand.

Select will continue largely unchanged other than Select Wealth becoming the Manager. Aegis, Investment Custodial Services Limited and ASB Securities will continue to provide the same services for Select Wealth as they currently do for the Sovereign-managed service.

Please discuss any questions you have with your financial Adviser, who can provide details of the new Select service.

The new Select service website can be found at

Here’s how it works:

Investment research

  • Even if you’re the most experienced investor, you’re unlikely to have the necessary resources to research the multitude of securities available in the market.
  • Select’s investment consultant JMIS Limited (previously Jarden Morgan Investment Services) acts as the ‘gatekeeper’ for the funds available through the service – giving you and your adviser the confidence that each investment option has been thoroughly researched.
  • JMIS provides specialist investment research to superannuation funds, charitable trusts and high net worth individuals throughout New Zealand.

Selected Portfolios

  • You may find that one of the Selected Portfolios, ready-made by JMIS, our independent investment consultant, suits your needs.
  • The performance of these portfolios is continually monitored by JMIS, and adjusted if manager performance or investment circumstances change.

Custom-Built Portfolios

  • If you would prefer an individually tailored investment, your Adviser can construct a Custom-Built Portfolio using any combination of securities from Select’s menu of investment options.

A comprehensive menu of funds

  • The Select menu covers all the asset types (shares, bonds, property, alternative assets and cash) and the main asset management styles (active, passive, value, growth and absolute return).
  • The investment options have been selected to enable investment in the main geographical areas, and also some industry-specific sectors.
  • Fund performance is monitored throughout the year and is formally reviewed annually by JMIS.

Efficient, easy administration

  • Select uses Aegis, the market-leading funds administration platform, to administer all of your investments.
  • You’re spared the hassle of dealing with statements and reports from different investment providers.

Consolidated reporting

  • Your investments are tracked in the reports sent to you every six months.
  • Each report will clearly show your portfolio valuation and what the return has been, both overall and by individual fund.
  • Your Adviser has online access to a suite of reports, to value your portfolio or confirm particular transactions at any time.
  • Select also provides a separate tax report for you, using the latest regulations and covering all investments with Select.

Invest a lump sum or make regular contributions

  • Select is primarily designed for lump-sum investments, with the aim of growing your capital or generating an income.
  • You can also accumulate funds by making regular contributions, subject to some restrictions.

Move your money quickly and easily

  • It’s easy to move your money from one investment to another, or to withdraw some or all of your money and have it paid directly to your bank account.
  • If you want an income, you can set up regular withdrawals directly to your bank account.
  • Your adviser can be given authority to handle money movements for you through a Limited Power of Attorney.

Keeping investments tax-effective

  • The tax-effectiveness of the investment options is considered as part of the annual review undertaken by JMIS.
  • The menu of investment options available through Select comprises some of the most tax-efficient investment vehicles for each investment type.
  • Select offers a range of Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs) to take advantage of the nil capital gains tax on investments in New Zealand and for most Australian shares.
Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is for general informational purposes and it is not intended to constitute advice. It is designed for use by New Zealand residents only. For investment advice, you should refer to your authorised financial adviser for advice on your particular circumstances. None of the Crown, the Trustee or Manager of the security, ASB Bank Limited or its subsidiaries (the Banking Group), Sovereign Limited or its subsidiaries, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, any other company in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group, any of their Board members or directors (as the case may be), nor any other person or party, guarantees the securities referred to in this website or the performance of those securities (including any of the investments or returns made in respect of the securities).

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