Community and Wellbeing

Our community sponsorship programme is about taking action to ensure the future health and happiness of New Zealanders.

In 2015, Sovereign declared our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact. Read Sovereign's Communication on Progress to make the Global Compact principles part of our strategy and operations here.

Working together to create a happier New Zealand

Our community programme focuses on helping to address one key social issue: building better mental health and wellbeing for New Zealand communities. To make the biggest impact, we need to focus on our future generations and that means our youth.

One way we are adding value to communities is helping Youthline attract more volunteers through a new social innovation pilot.

Community partners
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Volunteer partners
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The multi-faceted programme includes:

  • A partnership with AUT University  to develop New Zealand’s first Wellbeing Index, the most comprehensive survey yet of the quality of life of New Zealanders.
  • Partnerships with three charities of choice: Youthline, Conservation Volunteers and Child Matters Buddy Day,  to support education and intervention in the youth space
  • Working with communities, agencies and the government sector to support the promotion of wellbeing.

It is important to us that we complement the work we do at claim time, in times of illness and distress, with intervention and prevention strategies that have a positive health focus and outcome.

Sovereign believe that both mental and physical well-being is essential to achieving a good quality of life for New Zealanders. There is no doubt that New Zealand will look very different in the years to come, so we need a long-term plan to ensure the success of future generations. 

Mental illness is a leading cause of disability in New Zealand. 1 in 6 adults have been diagnosed with common mental disorders.1 And mental disorders, as a group, are the third-leading cause of health loss for New Zealanders (11.1% of all health loss), behind only cancers (17.5%) and vascular and blood disorders (17.5%).2

  1. NZ Health Survey 2012-2013
  2. Health loss in New Zealand Survey August 2013


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